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Name:Ms. Xora Printed Tapes [Sales]
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Mobile Number:60123998415
Phone Number:60391327825
Address:G-43-4-1 Cheras Business Centre
Cheras 56100, Kuala Lumpur
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Registration Date:Jun. 17, 2008
Last Updated:Jun. 19, 2008
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Packaging & Paper category

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Company Brief

Xora Asia specializes in providing Printed Packaging Tapes, from OPP Tapes to Masking, HPVC Tapes and Paper Gummed Tapes. With the deployment of advance printing facilities, we are able to customize design art work according to customer’ s specifications and provide printing solutions with low minimum order quantity of less than 300 rolls.

Visit our website: www.xoraprintedtapes.com

Our product range is comprehensive, including Printed OPP, Acrylic Tapes Clear & Transparent, Aluminum Tape, Carpet Tape, Cellulose Tape, Cloth Tapes, Color OPP, Double Sided Foam Tapes, 3M, PE and EVA, Double Sided Polyester, Double Sided Tissue, Filament Cross & Directional, Floor Marking Tape, Hard PVC, Kapton, Masking General & High Temperature, Metalised Tape Gold & Silver, OPP Brown & Clear 45Micron, 50 Micron, 70 Micron, 90 Micron, Protection Tape, Single Side Foam, SKPT, Tamper Evident Tape, Security Tape, Teflon, Wire Tape.

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